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JonEvac® Elongated Open-Front Ventilated Toilet Seat No Lid

ELONGATED OPEN-FRONT VENTILATED TOILET SEAT: This no-lid, open-front toilet seat for commercial restrooms has air inlets that allow polluted air from the toilet bowl to be sucked into the JonEvac Filter Fan Housing Unit where the air is sanitized and the airborne fecal bacteria is killed. It is made of durable anti-microbial material for bacterial control and long-lasting performance.
SKU: 413-675

JonEvac® ventilated toilet seat system vacuums and removes unpleasant odor and bacteria directly from the toilet bowl for a breath of fresh air when mother-nature calls. It prevents restroom air pollution for the comfort and health benefit of all users of the restroom. Everyone deserves an odor-free restroom visit when nature calls, especially at this time when COVID-19 has elevated our concern about the quality of air we breathe. Also, no embarrassing lingering odors in the restroom is a welcomed relief to your family, employees, clients, and guests.