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JonEvac® Complete System For Your Business, w/Elongated Open-Front Ventilated Toilet Seat, No Lid

JonEvac® Complete Ventilation System with Elongated Open-Front Ventilated Toilet Seat without Lid. This JonEvac® Ventilated Toilet Seat System will prevent the pollution of the restroom in your office or commercial restroom. It vacuums and removes unpleasant odors and dangerous airborne fecal bacteria directly from the inside of the toilet bowl before they can escape and pollute the restroom. No embarrassing lingering odors means that everyone including your family, employees, and guests can finally enjoy a healthy breath of fresh air in the restroom when mother-nature calls.
SKU: 413-651

JonEvac® ventilated toilet seat system vacuums and removes unpleasant odor and airborne fecal bacteria directly from the toilet bowl to prevent restroom air pollution for the health and comfort of everyone when mother-nature calls. In contrast, ceiling exhaust fans pollute the restroom by pulling the stench out of the toilet bowl. It saturates the restroom with the nasty odor and airborne fecal bacteria by pulling them towards the ceiling for evacuation. The bottom line is, if you can smell “it”, you need JonEvac!

This  complete system package  consists of an elongated open-front ventilated toilet seat without lid, a fan housing unit with charcoal filter that kills odor causing fecal bacteria, two air vacuum hoses, and a 110-240v power adapter. It is made of durable, long lasting anti-microbial material for years of reliable performance.